Image Master 2000

Image Master 2000

Use your pictures to easily make a screen saver and a unique...

Use your pictures to easily make a screen saver and a unique image viewer. Pictures can be displayed individually, as a collage with 4 pictures on the screen at once, or in the ovelay mode where the picture is displayed on top of the last picture shown.

Control how long a picture stays on the screen before being replace by the next one (1 second to 60 seconds). Frame each picture or select no frame, customize your frame if desired.

Choose one or all of the 101 transition patterns that each picture can use to display itself on the screen. Set the size of your pictures in percent of the screen size.

Use the thumbnail feature to quickly edit your slide show and change the order of display, etc. You can use any of your pictures as wallpaper.

Image Master 2000 can handle many image formats. Use the program to add text to your pictures, Store up to 1000 different slide shows with up to 1000 pictures in each.

This program uses the Microsoft agent (Genie) to help with learning the program. Use the bagger function (built in) to easily gather your pictures, music and picture text to a single folder in a format that can be read by anyone with the shareware or registered version of Image Master 2000.

Burn the contents or this folder to a CD-ROM along with the shareware version of Image Master 2000, and give the CD to friends of family. The shareware version of the program will show up to 50 slide shows each with up to 1000 pictures when it finds a bagged slide show.

This makes it easy and painless to give a slide show to a friend of relative for easy viewing.

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